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Paradise for Beer Lovers

In 1885, Japan Brewery Company, the forerunner of Kirin Brewery Company, which is one of Japan's leading breweries, was founded in Yokohama. Nowadays, Yokohama is becoming more and more prosperous by establishing high-quality craft beer breweries and hosting Yokohama October Fest, one of the biggest beer festivals in Japan. In central Yokohama, many unique beer bars and restaurants welcome you with great beer whenever you visit. Yokohama is definitely a paradise for beer lovers in Japan.

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Paradise for Beer Lovers

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Kirin Brewery Tour

Established in 1907 after taking over Japan Brewery Company, Kirin constructed a new brewery factory in Namamugi, Tsurumi district, in 1926. The brewery is now open to the public and offers free tours. You can see the entire production process of Kirin's fine beer, from ingredients, brewing, to packaging. Kirin's beer history and environmental efforts are also on display. After making a visit around parts of the factory, you can experience some beer tasting. Enjoy fresh beer, and learn about the three-part pouring technique to enhance flavor when you drink beer at home! Reservations should be made beforehand.

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Kirin Brewery Tour Kirin Brewery Tour
Kirin Brewery Tour Kirin Brewery Tour

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Popular Craft Beer

Craft beer is becoming very popular in Japan, and there are several small, but popular for their unique traits, craft beer breweries in Yokohama as well as restaurants and bars where a variety of craft beers from all over Japan are available.

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Yokohama Beer Popular Craft Beer

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Enjoy a Variety of Beer at Beer Festivals

Yokohama Oktoberfest, one of the biggest beer festivals in Japan, is held between the last ten days of September and the middle of October in the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama. There will be great beers of many various kinds, roughly half of them in German beer style. You can also enjoy real German food and performances by a German musical band.

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Besides October Fest, there are several other beer festivals in Yokohama. Over a three-day holiday weekend in September, an annual BeerFes Yokohama is held. The focus is craft beer collected from all over Japan, and you are not limited to the amount of beer you can taste. With a small-sized tasting glass, enjoy every taste of beer with relish!

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BeerFes Yokohama

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