Yokohama Ie-kei ramen

With the opening of "Yoshimuraya" in Yokohama in 1974, Yokohamaya type of ramen became known in Kanagawa prefecture and later on the whole of Japan. Pork bone soy sauce broth (including chicken) that is boiled for long hours with plenty of chiyu (chicken oil) added is one of its unique characteristics. You can also customize the ramen according to your preferences such as more flavor, more oil and firm noodles, with the basic 3 pieces of laver, spinach and pork slices. The most common thick noodles come from "Sakai noodles" manufacturer, but many shops also use noodles from "Ohashi noodles", "Maruyama noodles" and "Marutomi noodles". The number of disciples of "Yoshimuraya" owner, Yoshimura Minoru who have succeeded the shop's authentic taste exceeds 300, and the main branch of "Yoshimuraya" has an average of 1500 customers waiting in line daily. There are 8 shops that are formally recognised as having the same lineage, namely "Sugitaya", "Hajimeya", "Kanniya", "Oodoya", "Matsuriya", "Yokoyokoya", "Takamatsuya" and "Atsugiya" .

information source: GURUTABI

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