Tsukioka Hot Spring

Soak up the Beauty of Tsukioka Hot Spring
Niigata Prefecture ranks third in Japan in terms of the number of hot springs it’s blessed with. Discovered accidently in 1917 after an oil company was drilling for oil, Tsukioka hot spring has become a major resort and is one of the most famous in the region. Tsukioka hot spring attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to the high quality of its water, which contain minerals renowned for enhancing youthfulness and beauty. The beautifying effects of the water have led it to become known as bijinnoyu, which means “hot water for the beautiful”. A soak in the emerald green, hydrogen sulfide-rich water of Tsukioka hot spring both rejuvenates the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

How to get there

By public transportation
Take the JR Hakushin Line from Niigata Train Station for 20 minutes to Toyosaka Station. From there, board the Tsukioka hot spring shuttle for approximately 20 minutes.

By car
Tsukioka hot spring is roughly a 40-minute drive from Niigata Airport.

Address: Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture

Airport: Niigata Airport


Open all year

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