Kyoto ramen

Many would imagine that ramen in Kyoto to be light tasting, by associating it with traditional Kyoto cuisine, but Kyoto happens to be known for having the most robust tasting ramen in Japan. Kyoto ramen is divided into the following 3 types. One, soy sauce ramen of meat soy sauce broth, representatives of "Shinpuku Saikan", "first Asahi" (founded in 1953). It was started by "Shinpuku Saikan" a roadside stall in 1938, which then reestablished as a shop in 1944. Two, ramen in full-bodied soup of chicken or pork with vegetables, menu of "Tenka ippin" (founded in 1971) and "Tentenyu" (founded in 1974). "Tenka ippin" has since ventured into a chain aross Japan with its thick and rich soup. Lastly, the chicken based soup with lard from "Masutani"(founded in 1947).

information source: GURUTABI

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